Winning Clients, Contracts and Sales

The primary purpose of your business is to attract and keep customers.

For 2 very good reasons:

Your business needs to make a profit.

Only happy customers recommend you.

Here are 10 examples of your customer’s version of why your business loses a contract:

  1. You did not understand the problem.
  2. You proposed the wrong solution.
  3. Your cost was way over our budget.
  4. What you showed us was not what was proposed.
  5. Your salesperson was too pushy.
  6. Your price was too high.
  7. The results we wanted were not even addressed.
  8. We could do the job with our own people for less money and in a shorter timeframe.
  9. Your salesperson did not understand the requirements.
  10. Your salesperson did not do his homework.

What do your salespeople say when they lose?

  1. We were outsold.
  2. They didn’t tell me that was important.
  3. Nobody said that was needed.
  4. I was never shown or told that.
  5. I never even knew they had an internal group that could do the work.
  6. I misread who the real decision maker was.
  7. I did not know our competitor was in there trying to get the business.
  8. Nobody told me how they would award the contract.
  9. There must have been a communication problem, because my contact liked me.
  10. It was not my fault.

The key to attracting customers, winning contracts, keeping clients and having them want to recommend you is through applying either Consultative or even Collaborative Selling.


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