The Swift & Good

It is good that the motto of speed and greed has been replaced with swift and good…

And the new rules of marketing adhere more to the first rule of business than the old ones…

Because marketing was never intended to be a support tool for selling more…

It’s about building more relationships…

the ones you have targeted to serve.

Customers want authenticity and participation, not spin and propaganda.

Customer-focused web-pages and Social Media are part of the new rules.

It is not about getting on TV…

it’s about having customers and analysts share your story.

It is not about spending huge budgets to build media relations…

it’s about attracting audiences that want what you have to offer.

It is not about telling the world what your company has achieved…

it’s about asking your client what they want to achieve.

It is not about causing untimely interruptions…

it’s about delivering content at the time your customers are looking for it.

Swift and good content reveals that you understand them…

And such content drives positive-action from your customers.

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