The Role of Strategy

I asked over 1000 diverse business leaders a question…

‘Will your next year deliver an increase in profitable business?’

The unanimous response was yes.

Right - because business building is about making profit.

My next question: ‘which strategy will you implement to make it happen?’

The varied responses ranged from: ‘More deals and more customers to cost efficiency and budget application’

Wrong – Because these are operational initiatives, not strategies.

The role of strategy is to establish an edge that will deliver value and profitable return.

An edge born of a thinking-level that surmounts obstacles, ignores constraints and leaves the competition standing.

Such an edge comes from Resourceful Innovative Marketing (RIM)

To start the thought-process to developing that edge…

1. Consider your prized possessions – what motivated you to acquire them – it certainly wasn’t price.

2. Review your business offerings – what motivates your customers – is it needed or wanted

3. Question how you currently go to market – routinely or resourcefully – and answer why.

4. Think strategically, not operationally, as to how you could convert your ideas into double-digit profit.

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