The Authentic Specialist

Op Green

Among my travels during August I went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, specifically to watch my daughter in her Theatre Company’s new production of Operation Greenfield.

Already a winner of the 2008 Festival for the production Crocosmia and award-winner this year too you can imagine the immense joy I experienced when the packed audience spontaneously rose to a standing ovation.

Ultimately, I believe, audiences appreciate what I term as The Authentic Specialist.

When a person genuinely performs to the very best of their inherent talents, true strengths and natural abilities that have been honed by countless hours of practice there is recognition of an authentic voice. Couple this with a commitment to develop the required skills, knowledge and understanding to deliver the very best is the mark of a specialist.

Walking Edinburgh’s Royal Mile I came across another Authentic Specialist.

Hamlet Jaime Paredos is one of Cuba’s and indeed the Worlds Finest Cigar Rollers. Watching his dexterous fingers skilfully create for me an exquisite Romeo and Juliet was a wonder to behold.

Again back in Monaco I enjoyed the delights of an artistic Firework Display choreographed by Spain for the annual competition. Masterfully interwoven with stirring music the booming applause and horns of hundreds of yachts delivered an appreciative applause for The Authentic Specialists that had so brilliantly entertained. With the Full Moon beaming down the night was magical.

Though everyone has the opportunity to be the very best they can be; it is an unfortunate fact of life that the vast majority never commit to going that extra mile. Delivering instead the barest minimum to get by.

And, amazingly, when delivery of service, or skills are in anyway criticised, these same people seem bewildered as to why they “are being picked on.” Their confusion stems from the political correctness of being raised to believe that they can do no wrong and that what they do is great.

The political correctness of school sports days when there are no losers, only winners, and you just have to play the game, has done immense damage to future development of earnest commitment.

Without earnest commitment life remains mediocre. Resolve cannot be tested. Persistence is pointless. Determination, forget it. This thinking is so bad for us.

Each of us owes it to ourselves, to our own self-respect, to discover, develop, and share whatever it is we do best, and to daily develop our specific skills.

For my part I guarantee the work I do for my clients. Therefore I recognize that I must make a conscious daily effort to be the very best at what I do.

And it is that habitual conscious effort that I believe is the absolute key in developing The Authentic Specialist in each of us.

And the great thing about being an Authentic Specialist is that there are fewer distractions and more benefits.

Oh and by the way, I resisted the urge to start the standing ovation, enjoying just for that moment looking first at the appreciation on the people’s faces around me, and then the unexpected surprise on my daughter, Shamira’s face.

Because The Authentic Specialist does what he  or she does because of earnest commitment to deliver the best, not for the adulation or reward – yet receives both in abundance.

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