Secret to Good Communication

Too often we are defensive about our actions, or offensive with our criticisms.

Yet, imagine for example, applying a daily communicative axiom to everyone you meet of:

Never defend your actions; never attack another’s.

Most people rarely remain silent and seldom surely listen properly…

even feigning attention whilst compiling what they want to say.

There is a simple powerful truth to guide us:

The words SILENT and LISTEN are anagrams of each other;
because they always work as a team.

When we really listen we must be silent, even if we have to wait to consider a reply.

Without being silent we cannot hear ourselves think, let alone listen to what others are saying.

To truly listen to another requires us to empty ourselves of our assumptions, prejudices and opinions that each of us carries around.

In this way we can learn to appreciate where others are coming from.

Because the secret to good communication is making others feel valued…
without compromising your own worth.

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