Secret Service

Once upon a time...

A daring, aspiring Secret Agent undertook a mission to escape the City of Apathy, in the State of Mediocrity, and reach Service City, the Capital of Prosperity.

There are many challenges for a top operative to overcome before earning a Licence to Thrill Customers. Your Download Program includes...

Six and Half Hours of Engaging Content-Rich Audio Material...

Plus a 40-Page Bullet-Point Mission Manual in pdf format packed with everything you need to deliver Better-Than-Excellent Service and Receive Greater-Than-Expected Reward.

During your Mission you will earn HUNDREDS of insights including:

  • How to align personal and professional success.
  • How to move from being unaware to aware.
  • How to ignore complacency and fixed-thinking.
  • How to assess your motives and recognise the motives of others.
  • How to harness the three parts of your Self-Concept.
  • How to gain insight into the behaviour of others.
  • How to use the three-of-you rule to confirm how you truly feel about something.
  • How to understand and apply the prime directive in relationships.
  • How to develop the best feeling in the world.
  • How to overcome your insecurities.
  • How to benefit from facing adversity.
  • How to reveal your greatest treasure.
  • How to confront your greatest fear.
  • How to learn through your mistakes.
  • How to learn to forgive yourself.
  • How to keep your mind on what is important to you.
  • How to inspire yourself with what you stand for.
  • How to recognise the habits that distract you from your path.
  • How to avoid quick-fix and trivia.
  • How to avoid arrogance and pride.
  • How to avoid hostility and spite.
  • How to meet with disappointment.
  • How to be in command over your actions.
  • How to keep control over your emotions.
  • How to filter out negative voices.
  • How to address our two ultimate choices.
  • How to know when you are on the right road.
  • How to banish self-doubt.
  • Why most relationships fail.
  • The Principles of service.

If you are interested in downloading this Program, please click on the image...

  • The Practices of service.
  • How to follow through what you start.
  • How to become the person you are destined to be.
  • The key leadership attributes and team-building skills critical to success.
  • Why questioning routines delivers.
  • The 7 vital questions to build customer loyalty.
  • How to encourage everyone to think customer.
  • Why customers don’t value your service.
  • How to turn one-time buyers into lifetime customers.
  • The 12-point road map for delivering business success.
  • How to overcome Analysis-Paralysis.
  • The 21 secrets to winning and keeping customers.
  • How to harness The Law of Service.
  • How to increase reward with The Law of Secret Service.
  • Why marketing initiatives are misguided.
  • How to develop a proven Strategy for better-than-excellent customer service.
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