Role Clarification

We may not be responsible for others’ irresponsibility…
but we are always responsible for whether we ultimately succeed or fail.

There are 3 key responsibilities essential for business leaders:

To have a worthy vision and chase it with passion and commitment.
To make a profit: the key to doing everything we want to do…
To determine, define and defend to the end our role as the driving force.

Key individuals must be clear about their role and responsibilities…
Any termination is because the role had not been fulfilled as expected.

Getting the right people in the right role with the right understanding is a two-way street.

New employees unclear of their function request a detailed clarification.
When not forthcoming they must determine and define it for themselves.

Performing a role on the basis of ‘let’s see how it goes’ is not a good way to start.
This is the route of false promises, misguided expectations and misunderstandings.

Indeed, job insecurity is directly related to lack of role clarification.

For the 8 questions your business must ask…read my article.


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