Presentations must follow the theme of why customers want to buy from, or partner, with you.

Your belief in what you are saying and enthusiasm for how you present it are vital factors why your audience buy-in to you and your message. In turn they enthuse their customers.

The first person to buy-in, therefore has got to be you as the presenter.

The greatest customer you’ll ever win is you – because the best presenter believes in what they are saying.

Confidence from Partners, Colleagues and Customers is directly based on how they perceive you.

People buy because of the quality of the product or solution they perceive they are getting, not because of the product or solution.

Therefore you must address their perceptions – so they can understand what you are about and therefore become more confident about your products and solutions.

Ask yourself: “Why am I giving this presentation?”

All audiences want to hear audience-centred messages that reflect their needs, values and beliefs. You must know who they are, what they want and what is important to them.

First catch their attention; the more you have, the greater the impact of your message. Begin with, for example:

A startling question or challenging statement.

An appropriate quotation, illustration or story.

A display of some appropriate object or picture.

Never apologise, tell a joke or story unless currently appropriate.

People do not carry away information from a speech; they carry away an impression, an impression that is built on verbal and non-verbal communication.

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