How 2 - Creativity with Action


1. The One Percent Solution

2. Intuitive Decision-Making

3. Understanding Inspired Genius

4. Harnessing Superconscious

5. Visualisation & Affirmation

6. The Yin & Yang of Creative Energy

Raised on a small croft north of Inverness, Scotland, I remember my Mother enticing me to get up early to collect eggs. She motivated me to brave the cold and wet dawns with the promise that at the same time I would be the first to see new chicks when they hatched.

For several mornings I rushed eagerly only to be continually disappointed. After two weeks my young patience was wearing thin, after almost three, I thought I had been tricked.

Watching an inert object suddenly change into a new life, however, was always worth the wait. Transformation came about because of daily attendance by the mother hen. Few will argue that if you can stick at something on a daily basis for at least three weeks there is a good chance that you will benefit from what seems to suddenly become a new habit. Certainly I acquired the habit of getting up early.

The secret to acquiring the best habits is not to spend too much time consciously thinking about something, but to do so consistently on a daily basis. Though our greater subconscious is always working either for or against us, depending on our thoughts, when it is reminded daily about something that we want to know, or need to find, it stays on track and delivers for us.

The most effective way to introduce this is to use the power of the One-Percent Solution or TOPS. Everyone has the same amount of time in their day – 1440 minutes. We all spend it differently but share the common complaint that there is never enough, particularly for any personal planning or self-evaluation.

After all how can we waste time planning and evaluating our own life when we are so busy evaluating other people on a daily basis? Metaphorically speaking, how can we complain about the street if our own house is not in order?

By spending just 14 minutes of each day engaged in personal evaluation, the other 99 % of our life greatly benefits. Treating yourself as ‘YOU plc’ where you are Managing Director, with a lifetime contract, is a powerful methodology for releasing potential.

Asking for less than 15 minutes of your own or someone else’s time is reasonable, particularly when it is for a positive purpose.

With 1,440 minutes in everyone’s day spending just 1% of it either to solve a problem or generate an idea makes good sense and works with significant results.

Its acceptance and application is made simple for many individuals because it does not even impinge on their day. People will either rise earlier or retire later each day, depending on their preference, by the required 14 minutes. Indeed, having a 14 minute appointment to concentrate on something meaningful to you galvanises your thoughts that often lack purpose.

Our subconscious operates 24 hours everyday and it relishes specific opportunities to work for us. Though our imagination is at our disposal too often we habitually use our imagination to dispose of our dreams and ideas.

Applying just 1% of a part of the day that suits us best will very quickly build the habit of being creative and resolving problems.

For example, remember the last time you went to bed with a decision weighing heavy on your mind? The result was that your sleep was restless and you still had the decision to make.

Next time, define in writing exactly the issue, then insert a date in 2-3 days time, coinciding with your chosen TOPS period, and then sign it. Only by doing this will you discover that first you sleep well and that second the answer to your question will have come to you in some form or other right on schedule.

This may not happen until you have been applying TOPS for a few weeks, remember it takes about 21 days for a habit to build – about the same period for an egg to hatch. Initially to build the habit it is a good idea to use TOPS for your own self-evaluation.

As there is always a difficulty in forming the right questions, there are some at the end of this section to get started. They are searching questions that are not easy to answer, but it is important that you do so only by yourself and not ask another person. This is because there is you as you are; and the you as you want others to think you are.

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