Hands On Leadership

Good leadership is hard to define, yet easily recognised…

It comes from what you are (character) and what you can do (competence)…

When channelling both you communicate a mission that inspires others.

People want to be led, not managed…
You manage things; leadership inspires people.

Inspiration creates that flash of illumination when everyone says:
‘Yes, now I see it’.

Then a vision becomes the shared purpose.

Without the involvement of others a vision remains a dream…
Without willing followers a leader is in name only.

Good leadership is doing whatever must be done, whenever it must be done…

It was in the muddy, bloody trenches that Winston Churchill rebuilt his leadership credentials following his disastrous Gallipoli campaign.

Leadership is about fortifying our most strategic positions.

This means being involved in the building of our foundations…
our metaphorical trenches.

It does not mean staying in them, for that would require staying in a rut…

It means hands-on-leadership…
by investing our time, energy and resources effectively when it matters.

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