Greatest Treasure

Life becomes harder when we take actions that de-value us.

Our greatest treasure is our self-respect…
yet too often it remains buried…

Discovering your treasure is serving yourself first.
That does not mean taking first…

It means putting yourself in order first…

It means:

Knowing what is really important to you and why you value it.
Understanding that whatever you do in life either moves you forwards or backwards.
Accepting that only you can develop what is really important to you.
Realising that The Importance of Self has nothing to do with Self-Importance.

3 questions measure how much you value and respect yourself...

1. Am I really fulfilling my role to the very best of my ability?
2. What success would my business enjoy if everyone performed like me?
3. What still untapped potential do I have that will raise my game?

Whatever will always be an expression of your professional and personal life.

Life becomes easier in direct proportion to the more you value yourself.

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