Good Meetings

Let’s be honest, meetings can be too long and unproductive.

The simple reason is that attendees fall down in 3 ways:

1. Not considering the issue to be discussed before the meeting…

2. Putting off decisions to another meeting…

3. Not following through.

Good meetings have…

a definite purpose…

high expectations from those involved…

establish ownership of action…

and follow through with a conclusive time period.

In business the bottom line benefits when your time is productively invested in doing business, not proposing it.

If your meetings are already productive, great, if not, then you need to change them…

Because business is not about meetings, and the number you attend is not proportionate to success.

There must be an expectation that attendees prepare for the issues to be addressed...

Imagine developing the habit of investing 1% a day – just 14 minutes – in preceding days…

The result is always a high-level energy decisive meeting.

Apply The One Percent Solution (T-O-P-S) to improve your meetings and bottom lines.

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