You want the BEST advice...

You want to become the BEST at what you do...

You want an expert confidante to introduce the BEST ideas.

You want a mentor with the BEST credentials and experience...

You want the BEST solutions and guidance...

Colin Turner is the BEST mentor to Raise YOUR Game.

Every great leader has benefited from the best guidance and ideas because each of them knows that success is not about just doing a job…
its about achieving mission.. after mission.. after mission…
indeed many missions that culminate in a fulfilling career…
a career that has made a difference.

Having a mentor makes that difference happen. It is more than coaching.
Coaching is about your job; mentoring is about your career.

A mentor for an organization brings 2 benefits.
Developing the key assets of the business.
And aiding the retention of top talent.

For an individual a mentor supports the realisation of your potential.

If you are a CEO, or an aspiring CEO, interested in raising your game, planning your next challenge or determined to be the best at what you do, and want to benefit from the best guidance and ideas…
...then you will be interested to know that I have mentored every one of my clients to successfully achieve their goals.

Contact me for an initial consultation…
Because, it′s not what you′ve done that counts…
it′s what you have the potential to do that gives you the edge...

And with me as your Mentor, I will ensure you have that edge.


"Europe’s foremost teacher for success" - BUSINESS AGE


Colin literally changed my life. Prior to working with Colin I was working for the business, one that actually seem to own me. I had no time and I was not creating a business, which I deluded myself that I was. Colin changed my thinking and I successfully created a business that still exists today though I have since retired from it.

Les O Reilly
CEO, The Database Group

Having been ousted from a plc board I met with Colin. He asked exactly the deal I was really looking for. He found one that allowed me to in-turn introduce it to the company that I am now the CEO of because of the deal. Colin’s intuitive guidance, proven strategies and great contacts deliver success.

Lenard Fertig
CEO, Motive TV plc

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CEO Advisor and Mentor, Colin Turner, is the author of 22 books published in 45 languages; the creator of programs, including The Psychology of Corporate Entrepreneurship and The 1% Solution that transforms companies from the way they hold meetings to how they innovate; the former President of Nasdaq Listed Futuremedia plc; Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Theseus International Management Institute now part of leading Business School, EDHEC; and Founder of 3 multi-million pound enterprises.

  1. Europe’s No. 1 Expert Trusted Advisor for facilitating Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership.
  2. His Strategic Game-Changers and Guiding Insights Resolve Challenges and Raise Excellence.
  3. He is the Founder of the unique Online Free Resource for CEOs.
  4. His weekly missive: The Colin Turner CEO Bullet is subscribed to by over 5,000 CEOs.
  5. His articles and comments for business appear on Sky, Bloomberg, the FT and Business Journals.

Skill Set

Introducing and Facilitating Game-Changers that Grow Your Company.

Simplifying Strategic Planning and Gaining Buy-in for Objectives.

Resolving Complex Challenges with Lateral Resolution Thinking.

Proposing Resourceful Innovative Marketing and Winning Headlines.

Providing Incisive Feedback and Developing Unified Focus.

Delivering Inspirational Presentations Giving Impact to Your Messages.


"Europe’s foremost teacher for success" - BUSINESS AGE

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“Providing the ideas, insights and initiatives CEOs really want...

and reliably following them through”

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