Choose or Not

I woke up this morning to the discordant clucking chorus of Chickens and Turkeys – market day. 

Most provincial French Markets today comprise a trans-euro eclectic mixture of vendors for trendy clothes (from Warsaw to Bucharest) to giant cheeses (home turned) and fresh fish including, bizarrely for me, Colin – actually a delicious carnivorous fish – just look at those teeth! 

The Turkeys on offer are a little scrawny so the recession omits no man or fowl – however in 6 months they will – I am sure – enjoy a fattening time, as we all hope to. At the very least we have more to look forward to at Christmas than the Turkeys do – even though it will be their big day.

The difference is of course we have choice! 

And, ultimately I suppose, that really is what life is all about - Choice. As it will always be our decisions and never our conditions or circumstances that develop our destiny.

As I sit sipping a hot chocolate outside the aptly named ‘Belle Epoque’ and observe the colourful characters passing by, there is clear evidence that most people choose to have their lives dictated by non-choice.

To actually wait for something to happen, to be jockeyed along by external influences – though not like a free feather in the wind – more like a gravitational pull that holds one from breaking free – is, again bizarrely, the most popular choice. 

It is the choice of most people and, fortunately, they either learn to live with it and be content, or accept that that is the way life is and still be content.

That is great – so long as there is contentment. When there is not, then it is time for choice – decisive choice.

And it is not about being dis-satisfied, it is about being un-satisfied. To know that, whatever it takes, each of us owe to ourselves to be the very best we can. To plan and strive for whatever we want to do – in the clear knowledge and expectation that it will come to fruition


And, above all, that it will deliver contentment. And if it does not then the answer is simple:
Right choice – right outcome. Wrong choice, choose again.

Market stall owners are entrepreneurial because their very livelihood depends on it. The corporate employee gets paid either way and therefore is motivated to choose position or status over livelihood. The market customers have choices: to pick, to handle, to buy or reject. The corporate customer usually has to pay before delivery and is unable to speak to a real person.

Customers in the emerging New Economy will be demanding, very cautious and expect great value in everything. The successful person will ensure that they put something of themselves in everything they do – as if their very livelihood depends on it, which it will.

Watching the bustling market is a perfect microcosm of life – a orderly chaos. Some people, while walking purposely, are held up by others continually blocking them. Others meandering aimlessly, content to just enjoy and look. And it is good to meander occasionally so long as we choose to do.

And it is essential and conducive to good planning and making right choices. 

Ultimately it is better, as Zig Ziglar advocates, ‘to be a meaningful specific, than a wandering generality’.

Bizarrely the Turkeys and Chickens are the former, while most of their customers choose to be the latter.

With the holiday season upon us it is good to take the time-out to reflect on our choices.

Because, whichever way you look at it, each of are – right now – the sum total of all our previous choices or non choices.

Happy Holidays!

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