Born To Succeed

"This fantastic book is compulsory reading" Dr. Marilyn Orcharton, Chair, IOD, Scotland

"Clear and concise, well-structured and learned" SUNDAY INDEPENDENT


Study Colin Turner′s persuasive blueprint for a more fulfilling life" Sir Michael Grylls


 that has inspired and influenced millions of people.

The definitive guide on How to Release Your Potential.

In Born to Succeed you will be shown:
How to know, understand, accept and be yourself
How to listen, develop and use your intuitive powers
How to harness life′s adversity to work for you
How to define, take action and achieve your goals
How to find meaningful purpose in life.

Make a resolution today to start working on you by creating a clear understanding of the infinite potential that exists within you, lying dormant awaiting your activation. Use this book as your guide on an exciting journey of self-discovery. Begin to recognise yourself as someone special with unique talents that you must discover, use and share.

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