Authentic Leadership

Actions speak louder than words…

Yet majorities lean toward the latter option, because it is easier.

Fighting for what you believe is hard…
Whether a Company Vision or a Democratic Opinion…
both involve much more than talk or ticking a box.

In recent UK elections only 3 in every 10 individuals with the right to vote…
took action to voice their choice of leadership.

The 70% majority preferred complacency to commitment.

Complacency is procrastinating without a conscience…
Put simply: doing less than required.

Commitment is something you discover deep inside…
after you align what you do with what you believe in.
It is not something you manufacture.

It is much more than talk…
It is doing whatever it takes.

Getting enough boxes ticked may suffice for Politics
But Authentic Leadership in Business demands much more…

It is sharing a sparkling vision that ignites everyone’s involvement…
because such involvement is the kindling of commitment.

Under such commitment words always transform into action.

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