131 Notes on Authentic Leadership


Authentic Leadership is about development from the inside out - you cannot expect to direct others before you can direct yourself.

Leadership is a commonplace activity that can be developed in each of us. Leadership is not based on theory or technique but operates under simple principles.

You will only attain true leadership when your people say you are their leader, and to become a leader you have to develop essential characteristics.

You become impressive when not trying to impress. And you teach others more effectively and develop loyalty through the quality of your silence rather than seeking seek to impress.

Leadership attributes guide us to release our potential to learn, discern and earn effectively. If we raise the expectations of others through our expectations of them, we raise their excellence.

The authentic way to influence is by example. The order of development in nature is production in spring, growth in summer, harvest in autumn and storage in winter.

You become a leader through natural development, not through learning techniques.

This way of nature as detailed in Eastern philosophy is the guideline for human leaders.

When grass is choked is rots, when trees are choked they are eaten by worms, when people are choked they become ill, and when a business is choked a hundred problems arise at once and danger and chaos cannot be stopped.

The authentic leader has the diligence to be leader, but not necessarily the desire to be leader, allowing everyone to fulfil his or her wishes.

The authentic leader has the position of leadership, but not necessarily the ambition of leadership, thus allowing an atmosphere without tension.

The authentic leader does not lead for the sake of money or praise, yet nevertheless receives both in abundance.

The authentic leader is principle-centred and not self-centred and uses the minimum of force to act effectively.

The authentic leader will know to look at both sides of any situation (you cannot see clearly through a window that has only been cleaned on one side).

The authentic leader looks to what is happening rather than what might be happening and isn’t. By being more aware of what is actually happening this leader can do less yet achieve more.

The authentic leader does not indulge in pretending but says ‘I don’t know’.

People become their own leader when they are in command of themselves.

You become your own leader when you become true to yourself.


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