The One Percent Solution

The One Percent Solution (T-O-P-S) transforms companies from the way they hold meetings to how they innovate...

It will...

  1. Inspire Creative Thinking

  2. Generate Profitable Ideas

  3. Ensure Effective Meetings

  4. Stimulate Right Decisions

  5. Determine Strategic Direction

  6. Resolve Complex Situations

  7. Cultivate Inventive Innovation

 It stimulates the SIX "I's" essential in Creativity...

  1. Intuition – for right decisions

  2. Inspiration – for positive brainstorming

  3. Imagination – for developing dreams

  4. Innovation – for cultivating inventiveness

  5. Influence – for worthwhile meeting

  6. Insight – for what the future will hold

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"The most powerful methodology for innovation" - Burston Marstellar
"The effective way to generate profitable ideas" - Business Age
"A brilliant brain-storming tool - simple yet effective" - Business Week

How can this formula work for You and Your Company?

The secret to acquiring the best habits is not to spend too much time consciously thinking about something, but to do so consistently on a daily basis. Though our greater subconscious is always working either for or against us, depending on our thoughts, when it is reminded daily about something that we want to know, or need to find, it stays on track and delivers for us.

The most effective way to introduce this is to use a new formula called The One-Percent Solution (TOPS). Everyone has the same amount of time in a day – 1440 minutes. We all spend it differently but share the common complaint that there is never enough, particularly for any personal planning or self-evaluation.

By spending just 14 minutes of each day engaged in personal evaluation, the other 99 % of our life greatly benefits. With 1,440 minutes in everyone’s day spending just 1% of it either to solve a problem or generate an idea makes good sense and works with significant results.

The challenge is what questions to ask and how to apply The One Percent Solution on a practical basis that actually delivers results?

I have developed both the right questions to ask AND the practical application of what to do next.

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